5 months old baby

Question: For my son today i feed him ragi cerlac after 3 hours he is vomiting to much is there any prblm pls tell me im very much worried

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Answer: before 6 months don't give cerelac to your son..if ur son has completed 6 months then give him rice cerelac that is easy to digest..and if your son is less than 6 months then try to give him formula..
Answer: Don't give ragi cerelac before 6 months give rice or wheat cerelac
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Question: Hi iam a bf mother my son is 1 month old he is vomiting after every feed today what may be the reason? iam worried for him
Answer: Hello dear, during ur baby's first few months, vomiting is probably caused by mild feeding problems such as his tummy being too full. Babies vomit often in the early weeks as they adjust to feeding and as their bodies develop. All u can do is give ur baby burp after each and every feed so that he can digest the milk.
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Question: My baby 26days he vomiting curd after 3 hours little bit. It worried for me
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this happens with the babies even my baby used to remove the extra milk upto 3 months no treatment is needed it will stop by itself. Take care.
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Question: My Tsh level is 6.04 ..pls tell me is there any problem..im feeling very bad..n ia there any problem for baby..pls tell me..pls
Answer: It means ur thyroid is increase consult to ur doctor she will prescribed you medicine n it will not affect your baby
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