39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For me 13 days more to delivery , yesterday I went checkup doctor said still head is not turn v wait and see..when head will turn and how we identify head is trun or not???

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Answer: You definitely cannot identify... It can be checked through scanning... Which position the baby is.. And also do not worry coz the baby might turn anytime.. Even at the time of delivery..
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Question: Hi iam 38weeks pregnant yesterday when i went for the checkup doctor said baby's head has not come down yet so what is the solution for that ??
Answer: to engage the baby's head you can do walking also squatting on the floor is good for you. don't worry sometimes babies head gets engaged later even as late as on the labour table . you should be patient if all your other parameters and reports are fine then you can go for normal delivery stay calm if it is late
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Question: 6th weeks we went scan for a heartbeat checkup but still not grown heart. The doctor said your baby is like 4 weeks growth wait for two more weeks for a heartbeat. It's normal?
Answer: Hi dear, It's because most of the calculations are done based on the last month period,while it should be calculated when the fertilization took place,which is not possible to find out.due to which, the growth shown in scans is less.so not to worry it happens.
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Question: Yesterday doctor did scan for me, they told still baby head is in top ,at which week head will turn?
Answer: Ho dear baby head should turn till 34th week of pregnancy and if this is ur 2nd pregnancy then nmbaby could even keeps om moving and rotating till 37th week and even till delivery. If this is ur first pregnancy then. Chance of c sec is high. Do discuss possible le senario with ur doctor.
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