14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For low lying placenta what precaution should i take?

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Answer: If you have a low lying placenta you have to remember that there is a high chance of miscarriage. Not that I'm scaring you but to clear your head. You need to be very careful. Since your placenta is the one holding your baby Avoid travelling long distance Be on a bed rest or rest as much as possible. Do not go for any heavy excersises Avoid lifting heavy objects Do not strain. Avoid bending over Go for a mild walk . However it is always advicable to talk to your doctor about what precautions to be taken. Hope this helps
Answer: Hi dear,if you have low laying placenta,take bed rest,don't stand for long times,don't lift heavy weights,take complete bed rest placenta will move up ,take care
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Question: Hello m having twins with two different placenta one baby placenta is low lying placenta what precautions should I take ?
Answer: Dear as you have one lying faceted chances of miscarriage and preterm delivery is very high. Take complete bed rest until Placenta moves upward. Take care.
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Question: Placenta is postior ,low lying but away from internal OS..placenta grade 2 in maturity.. What does it mean.. i am having low lying placenta ?????
Answer: Yes dear it means you are low lying placenta but it is away from mouth of cervix so nothing to worry much . Relax
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Question: I m 16 week pregnant and I have a low lying placenta .what can I do?
Answer: Dear you need to take full bed rest and follow your medication properly. Tc
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