22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For last 15days to now feeling severe headace.please tell me im worrying about my baby is thr any problem for my baby because of this headace.please tell me

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Answer: Usually it may not affect your baby. If it is hereditary ,then there are chances that the baby may have headache in his/her future. But yours is not like that. Be happy and hope for a healthy baby. And be positive. Stop worrying. May be this headache is due to your silly tensions. So keep your mind positive at first
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Question: is there any problem with baby brain sparing... doctor told me that after doppler scan... plz tell me about this.. I'm worrying about my baby
Answer: Doppler scan used to see uterus blood circulation and umbilical blood circulation and baby brain circulation. It is normal to see. Don't worry.
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Question: Pls tell me what kind of remedies will take for hair fall??last one month my hait falled more over 75% im really worrying about that..
Answer: Hi! Its normal for few women during pregnancy where it should b the opposite and should( be post partum)as you take vit supplement, hairfall actually stops than regular,plz consult a doctor to rule out deficiencies. And at the same time please try; *Grate or grind ginger and apply the juice for 30 minutes before shower. Has helped my pp hairfall. * use a wide toothed comb. *Use se bhringraj oil mixed with vitamin e capsule 2 pills slightly warm it and apply it whole night for atleast one month it will arrest severe hair fall. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi... Im 18 weeks pregnant, nowadays i facing a problem of urine discharge in every 10 min. Sometimes i feel irritation in my vegina because of problem of urine descgar problem. Please tell me about for this problem ?
Answer: Yes dear It is normal to go to toilet frequently. As ur uterus is growing, it is putting pressure on ur bladder resulting in pressure on it and thus u have to rush to toilet.
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