37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For how many weeks babys head will come down

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Question: Hi all, at which week babys head will come down?? Is it painfull one??
Answer: Hi dear.. usually in 35-37 weeks baby comes into the position. When the baby head is going to fix in the pelvic area u will experience some pain ur vagina.. yiu might feel fake pains also.. drink more water and relax at this time..
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Question: How many months baby is head control will come
Answer: Hi,usually it should be between 3-6 months by six months baby should be able to hold it's neck Give good massage to the baby twice a day to strengthen it's muscles and to give strength
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Question: hello Doctor , im 6 month pregnant now by which month babys head will be coming down side n how will I come to know
Answer: After 32 weeks or more your baby 's head down side
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