4 months old baby

Question: For how many months i should continue to feed baby for every two hours?

1 Answers
Answer: Hie? You should feed baby after 2 hours until your baby is 5 months old Post that it would be 3 hrs intervals While asleep You should feed baby after 4 hrs until your baby is 5 months Post that it could be 5 to 6 hrs not more than that
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Question: How many months we have to feed baby every two hours
Answer: Up to baby take some liquid food very little bit of water after decrease to feeding
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Question: Till how many months should give feed in two hours?
Answer: Don't comb n take care of ur baby as do not hurt to scalp
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Question: How many minutes to feed a baby for every two hours???
Answer: Hi. That depends on your milk flow dear. If your milk supply is good feeding 5-10 min is good. But if you have low milk supply then baby can even take 40 mins to feed..
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Question: For how many hours we should feed four months baby
Answer: In the day time every 2 r 3 hours.. in the night time as per the baby demands ... and never disturb a sleeping baby for feed
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