Few days old baby

Question: For how many hours we have to feed for new born babies

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Answer: Hi dear, For a month, till your baby's birth weight is been doubled,you need to feed her every 2 hours.each feed could take 10 minutes initially.post doubled weight,you can feed your baby on demand.but it's better to feed every two hours till one and half month.
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Question: How many hours once we have to feed for new born baby
Answer: Hi! You need to feed the baby in every two hours and following hunger cues, its important to follow because a lot of baby cluster feeds too. Your profile shows you are a mom of 5 months old baby please correct the information from ths home page to get timely information and notifications from the app. Good luck!
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Question: til how many months we should feed new born baby?
Answer: Untill ur supplied with ur breast milk.. atleast one year
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Question: how many hours sleep new born baby
Answer: Hello The new borns sleep alot till 3 months. The sleep most part of the entire day waking up only 3 to 4 hours in breaks to feed. This is the time where babies grow alot. The body works best whn the baby is asleep.
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Question: how many days we have to do malish and masur dal massage for new born baby
Answer: give a daily massage to baby for the first year... continue giving massages, though less frequently, until child is five years or six years of age. There is no age limit to giving a massage. You can continue giving massages to your baby for as long as you wish. See how it fits into your routine and family traditions and how your child responds to them.  As your baby grows and starts getting mobile, it might be hard to keep her still, long enough for a full body massage. Even if your baby loves a massage, she may become impatient if she needs to lie for the massage for long. Keep massages short. As soon as she starts to fidget and you see that she's ready for the next step, you can take her for her bath. As she gets older, you might even need to experiment with giving her a massage as she stands or massaging her occasionally.  Once your child is old enough, you can even teach her to massage herself. It will not be the same kind of body massage that you have been giving her, but it can become part of her bathing routine to either oil her skin before a bath or moisturise it with cream afterwards. This might help keep her skin well moisturised. Masoor dal malish Should be stop when baby born hair is removed...
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