Few days old baby

For how many hours we have to feed for new born babies

Hi dear, For a month, till your baby's birth weight is been doubled,you need to feed her every 2 hours.each feed could take 10 minutes initially.post doubled weight,you can feed your baby on demand.but it's better to feed every two hours till one and half month.
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Question: How many hours once we have to feed for new born baby
Answer: Hi! You need to feed the baby in every two hours and following hunger cues, its important to follow because a lot of baby cluster feeds too. Your profile shows you are a mom of 5 months old baby please correct the information from ths home page to get timely information and notifications from the app. Good luck!
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Question: til how many months we should feed new born baby?
Answer: Untill ur supplied with ur breast milk.. atleast one year
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Question: how many hours sleep new born baby
Answer: Hello The new borns sleep alot till 3 months. The sleep most part of the entire day waking up only 3 to 4 hours in breaks to feed. This is the time where babies grow alot. The body works best whn the baby is asleep.
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