38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For 45 days baby which vaccine is good pain or painless.

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Answer: Hi dear, I gave my baby painless it was a bit expensive but my baby didn't cried that much and was fine next day.
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Question: Painless or painful vaccine which is good
Answer: Hello dear. Painless vaccines do not cause any adverse reactions like pain and fever. However, painless vaccination are one of the recent inventions in the field of immunology. Until now, painless vaccines have only been developed for whooping cough (pertussis) and have been marketed successfully in India as a combination vaccine by the name DaPT. Take care.
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Question: Which vaccine is good painful or painless
Answer: Hello dear... Painless vaccine will reduce the pain thatsall and we won't say it won't cause any pain, and it is believed that it might reduce immunity power, so it is better to go for painful vaccine, pain will be there for some time, we can reduce that by giving antibiotic and ice cube massage
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Question: Which is good painless or painful vaccine
Answer: After vaccination if he gets fever that means that vaccination is working and it is safe. Painful vaccination is good
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