1 months old baby

Question: For claiming insurance, I should get GPAL status certificate from doctor. It's been one month for our baby and how to get this for my wife from the treated doctor? Is there any specific format that we should follow to ge it signed from Doctor??

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Question: Hello ! I m struggling from 2 years to get pregnant and still it's not working .... all our tests are clear ... what should we do ?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Nothing to worry. Plan according to ovulation. Generally ovulation occurs 12 to 14 days after your period. If you want to know in particular you can order ovulation kit. It's urine test. When two lines are darker it shows you have ovulated. Position also plays a vital role in conception. Missionary pose and doggy pose are best. If you don't see results please consult doctor.Take care
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Answer: Hii dear don't stress up much as sometimes this early ultrasound is not successful. In the case of twin baby it do happens that the heartbeat comes a bit late so don't worry u should visit the doctor again after 3 weeks and then get it detected. I m sure u will get 2nd heartbeat also. Don't loose hope.
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Answer: Dear There can be various reasons for not getting pregnant : 1. Hormones imbalance 2. Stress 3. Smoking 4. Drinking 5. Unhealthy eating habit 6. Obesity 7. Thyroid 8. Not sleeping properly Don't worry.Consistently, just work on it.. Soon u. Will conceive.
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