2 months old baby

Question: For 2 month baby lactogen1 powder how many scoop we want to use then per 24 hour how many times want to feed

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Answer: Please consult your paediatrician
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Question: How many times we should giving feeding in 24 hour?
Answer: Hello You have to feed your baby every two hours regardless of day or night or the baby s sleeping or being awake. Each breast should be fed 20 mins. Total 40 mins. feeding this way you can see significant increase in baby s weight. Eat alot of ghee diary products dry fruits so all the goodness is transferred to ur baby. Breast milk is best for ur baby as it gives your baby better immunity. It digests better than the formula reduces constipation and stomach problems.
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Question: how many times we cab feed our baby? is it good to feed oats for 2 times/ day
Answer: A 11 months baby need 3 proper meals and 2 snacks. You can give twice a day but try to give other good items as well.
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Question: How many times we need to bottle feed 4 months old baby n how many ounce per feed
Answer: Do not bottle feed your baby untill it is 6 months old exclusive breast feeding is reccomended for 6 months.
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