7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Foods to avoid during this stage?

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear you should avoid eating pineapple papaya castor oil imli tulsi methi aloe vera these are not good for you during pregnancy .. you should take a well balanced diet that includes cereals pulses vegetables fruits dairy products and nuts
Answer: You'll have to avoid papaya, pineapple and grapes.. Fish with high mercury levels and sesame Seeds. Take care
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Question: Which foods should I avoid
Answer: Dear you will need to avoid food that makes gas as well so that our warm in property like papaya brinjal etc avoid taking raw meat or egg your food should be cooked well avoid taking too much of tea and coffee as well don't take soda in any form as well as don't take packaged fruit juice.
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Question: Foods to avoid during breastfeeding
Answer: dear basically you can eat everything but since your baby is a small so avoid food which can produce acidity and can cause digestion issue for first three months. For example non-veg is heavy to digest for if you are going to eat then eat in limited quantity
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Question: What foods to avoid while breastfeeding
Answer: Food that can create gastric problem like not so much chana and chola. Kathal and try to avoid pickle as well
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