3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Foods for 1 st thrimster

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Answer: Hello dear, congratulations!! Well I followed a strict home cooked food throughout.avoided junk,sugar too...take seasonal vegetables and fruits in regular basis.if you are non vegetarian,then do take egg ,chicken ,fish too.plenty of water too.nothing fancy about diet keep it simple and healthy....
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Question: What are the foods to need for 1 st trimester pregnancy chart
Answer: Hi dear, Pregnancy diet would need a well balanced , nutritious food options.there is no space for any junk like deep fried and sugary foods.eat home cooked clean food.start your day with a cup of warm milk ,or a milkshake/smoothie.after two hours have your breakfast,which has to b powerpacked.include poha/upma/whole wheat sandwiches/dosa/idli/stuffed paratha with less oil.have a fruit after one hour or breakfast.for lunch you can have two whole wheat rotis and a cup of boiled rice(preferably brown). complement it with your favourite vegetable curry/chana/beans etc ,have one protein (Dal/chicken/fish/egg).include some salad for fibre.for snacks fruits or dry fruits are excellent.you can have milkshakes too.avoid any caffeinated beverages and no alcohol at this stage.fir dinner you can have chapati, veggies ,curd and salad.some women also feel good to have a glass of warm milk before sleep.take your prenatal vitamins relegiously.have plenty of water.atleast 8-10 glasses .take rest as well as be active .....
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Question: Remedies for acidity during 1 St trimester
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy acidity is a very common problem in pregnancy due to hormonal changes drink lot of water eat in small portions avoid food that is spicy or hard to digest avoid late night eating soak jeera in water overnight and drink that water on empty stomach slowly acidity goes away take care
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Question: Which foods, fruits should be avoided during 1 st trimester pregnancy?
Answer: No need to avoid any food.. Just take everything in moderate amount. Take seasonal fruits and rajma and chick pea salad.. Drink plenty of water.. Biggest of all..dont take any kind of stress
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