9 months old baby

Question: food for 9 months old baby

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Answer: You can offer your baby a variety of foods with different textures. Here are some healthy options you may like to try: peeled slices of fruits such as apple (seb), pears (nashpati), musk melon (kharbuja), water melon (tarbooj) and mango (aam) *cooked vegetables such as carrot (gajar), cauliflower (gobhi), spinach (paalak), bottle gourd (lauki), apple gourd (tinda), broccoli (hari gobhi), and pumpkin (kaddu/sitaphal) *grilled or baked sweet potatoes (shakarkandior chakaraivalli kilangu) and yam (jimikand or senai kilangu) *idlis or upma with added vegetables *mixed vegetable uthapams *dosa with vegetables *dal or besan cheelas *porridge (dalia)  *sabudana khichdi   *paranthas with a variety of fillings such as cauliflower (gobhi), potatoes (aloo), fenugreek (methi) leaves, radish leaves (mooli), cottage cheese (paneer), minced soya and boiled/minced chicken or mutton *chapattis made from flour mixed with cooked dal *creamy milkshakes and soups *macaroni or pasta in cheese or tomato sauce  *rice with dal  *curd with vegetable pulao *chicken nuggets or baked chicken with soup *chicken mince (keema) with chapati *Formula or breastmilk is still an important part of your baby's diet. *If you feel your baby needs more fluids you could give her cooled, boiled water. You could also try healthy drinks such as fruit and vegetable juices as well as smoothies and milkshakes. * You can give her milk based drinks such as milkshakes, almond (badaam) milk, smoothies, lassi or chhaach. If she doesn't like milk, give two portions of calcium-rich foods instead. It is not a good idea to give your child more than 400ml of milk a day. If you do, it may cut her appetite for solid foods that have other essential nutrients like iron and vitamins.
Answer: Hello You can give ur baby a variety of food but in a puree or porridge state. Breakfast idly with breast milk or formula upma Roti with milk or formula mashed dosa mashed Snack boiled apple mashed banana puree vegetable soup diluted fresh fruit juices ragi milk ghee sugar Lunch dal rice mashed khichdi sooji kheer cerelac or nestum Snack whole grain puffs mashed potatoes tossed in butter peach puree Dinner should always be light as hard carbohydrate like wheat ragi dal can cause indigestion or loose motions Give sooji kheer nestum or cerelac by 8 pm u can keep feeding ur baby breast milk or formula as needed between the meals. Be sure to use alot of ghee as fats and oils help in gaining weight. You can feed ur baby breast milk or formula milk 3 times to 4 times a day as required.
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Answer: Hello dear, In this age hemoglobin level should be more than 13 GM... Below is a comprehensive list of iron-rich foods for  increasing hemoglobin... Breast milk.....,meat and poultry.. ., Pulses, including beans, lentils, and peas. ..., Dark green leafy vegetables. ..., Oily fish. ..., Eggs. ..., Fortified cereals. ..., Oatmeal...., Beetroot...,  pomegranate,... Mushroom...,Tofu...., Dried fruits...., Nuts....,  sweet potatoes. Along with this food you should give doctor prescribed hemoglobin syrup. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Answer: By 9 months, you can introduce non-vegetarian food like egg yolks, chicken and some fish to baby. You may choose to introduce these earlier too with your pediatrician’s approval.Also follow the 3 day wait rule, when introducing something completely new. Soft chapatis and paranthas can be broken into small pieces and given as finger food too. Eventhough most babies are able to manage lumpy food, it should still be well-cooked and soft to chew. Hard food items like rawcarrots etc. can pose choking hazard.
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Question: Food chart for 9 months old baby
Answer: Hello dear. Let me give you a few recepies for your 9 month old baby: Breastmillk or formula plus Pureed fruits like banana, pears, peaches, apples. Pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes. Small amounts of curds. You can include soft noodles, rice and soft bread. To serve extra protein you can give nuts and dried fruits. Make sure your baby is not allergic to nuts. Take care.
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