37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: aminiotic fluid id 8.3 cm. Is it ok . Nd cervix apperas normal 4.o cm.umbilical cord is two arteries and one vein. Wat all this plz explain

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Answer: This all is a normal report. Do not worry. Amniotic fluid should not decrees to 6 now. Drink plenty of water more than 3 lt every day 2/gkasses of milk and 2/glases if coconut water daily. Amniotic fluid is very much important to be in level for a normal healthy pregnancy. Do not worry Rest all parameters are fine.
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    Ruhi S467 days ago


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Question: Mam , in my scan report my umblical cord is 2 arteries and one vein is any problem in this if my baby will wrapp cord ...
Answer: Hi dear, It is a normal situation.every cord would have two arteries and one vein.although some have single artery umbilical cord.whixh is maximum case comes out normal.in your situation it is absolutely fine.
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Question: hi am 34 weeks pregnant today went for Doppler scan my amniotic fluid s vry low is oly at 4 cm ...is anyone facing this problem ND plz any one suggest to increase my fluid level
Answer: dont panic.. stay calm.. you can follow the tips mentioned here.. it will surely get increased.. Drink water throughout the day and try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses at a minimum. A great way to stay hydrated while also getting good nutrients is to eat fruits and vegetables that have high water ..vegetable like.. ucumber..radishe.. green peppers..cauliflower..spinach .. broccoli and baby carrots ..and Fruits like: Watermelon..tomatoes star fruit ..strawberries grapes.. If you are alcoholic you should not drink alcohol at all during pregnancy.. because it is not good for your baby’s health. Alcohol can also dehydrate you and cause your amniotic fluid levels to shrink If your doctor has asked you to stay in bed (what is referred to as complete bed rest) you should lay on your left side when you can. When you lie on your left side, your blood flows more smoothly through the uterine blood vessels and allows your baby’s blood flow to also move at a regular rate. This may cause the amniotic fluid index to increase..
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Question: hi..me 37 week pregnant hu or aaj mera sonography hua tha to rprt me fetal weight..2652gm+-387 gm huA or maternal cervix: ios is closed cord shows to umbilical arteries and single vein no loop of cord around the neck is seen. on doppler study the uterine umbilical and middle cerebral arteries show normal flow pattern and parameter indices. is ka matlab kya ha kya mera report normal or mera normal delivery hoga plz hlp me..
Answer: Ha sab normal hai Cervix open ho jaiga dont wrry😊
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