11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Helo first altrasound kb hoga

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Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy. Your ultrasound will typically be done between 18 and 20 weeks, but you may have one before 12 weeks to confirm your due date. You may also have an earlier ultrasound -- or more than one -- if yours is a high-risk pregnancy, if you have any pain or bleeding, if you have a history of having children with birth defects, or if another prenatal test or exam shows something abnormal. In addition, you'll have additional ultrasounds if you have a chronic illness such as diabetes or a history of ovarian cysts or fibroids.
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    Is ovarian cyst dangerous during pregnency

Answer: 3month
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Question: First altrasound kb krwana chaiye?
Answer: Hii The first ultrasound is suggested by the doctors in the first trimester. This ultrasound confirms the due delivery date of the pregnant woman. Until this ultrasound session, the baby is not developed to the point of recognition. You just see a lump in your womb.
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Question: Mai second altrasound kb krwaoon
Answer: You may have an early ultrasound at your practitioner's office at 6 to 10 weeks to confirm and date thepregnancy. So you can have one in the standard midpregnancy ultrasound between 16 and 20 weeks. So now is the time dear. Get it done.
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Question: First altrasound kab krvaye??
Answer: U can go for first ultrasound in 8-9 weeks, or else u can go directly for N.T scan , for N.T scan u have to go between 11 to 14 weeks , there is no problem if u will go directly for N.T scan, all the best dear n congratulations dear 😊
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