8 months old baby

Question: finger food kya h r kis time de skyr h

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Question: Finger food or solid food kon kon se hote h
Answer: Hi dear,the food your baby can chew but will not do any choking hazard are called finger foods like a piece of carrot or cucumber or other fruits like a piece of apple or pear. Solid foods are actual part of your baby's regular diet,1 in this you can include mased boil potato, Mashed sweet potato, carrot puree, pumpkin puree, mashed banana ,Ragi porridge ,rice porridge etc.
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Question: hello mujhe docter ne duphaston tablet de h. ye kis reason se de h. kya aap bta skte h
Answer: Hi, duphaston is pregnancy hormone tablet i.e. progesterone. It is useful for baby's proper growth. It thickens the uterus lining. I have taken it upto 3.5mnths. U can read about it in detailed on 1mg application or even u can check on google.
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Question: Baby ko kis month se khana food de skte h
Answer: After six month u can start to give cerlacs and fruit pie
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