2 months old baby

Question: fever 100.9 after vaccination..gave calpol drops bt fever lowz only to 100.5 ? why im so worried😢

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Answer: Use paracetamol p125 syrup every 3 to 4 Hrs
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Question: Sterday put 2 1/2 month vaccination to my baby, now fever 101.2, i gave fever drops at1.30 night..but now the time is only 5.30..again can i give fever drops r until want to wait 6 hrs??
Answer: Dear you should wait for 6 hours, and also if baby is getting fever even after 4 days then it is important for you to consult your doctor once again as fe de should not be there for more than 3 days. Don't worry your baby will be fine soon.
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Question: Paracetamol ki kitni drops deni chahiye after vaccination fever
Answer: Hello! Paracetamol ke dose baby ke weight ke upar depend karta hain. Agar baby ka weight 4kgs hain toh 6 drops Dena hain, matlab 4+2. Jitna weight hain usme aur 2 add kar dein. Agar confusion hain toh doctor se consult karein. Take care
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Question: My baby is having fever after vaccination done yesterday is there any remedy as I already gave paracetamol drops
Answer: Dear give paracetamol drops as ur pediatrian suggest u nd rub ice cube on injection area . It babies pajn nd fever reduces within 1 day.as fever s common after vacination nothing 2 worry abht .
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