21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: fetus structure is suboptimal due to maternal obesity what does it mean? I m currently in 20 week of pregnancy and I had anomoly scan yesterday

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Question: I had anamoly scan....in report it shows that fetus is in cephalic presentation... what does it mean... is anything I have to worry or it is normal
Answer: Ur talking abt premature labour, c it's not the case. Cephalic presentation is normal in most pregnancies. Y r u worrying now only? Plz don't take stress
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Question: hi, what does maternal obesity mean? is it harmful for the baby n mom?
Answer: Maternal obesity refers to obesity (often including being overweight) of a woman during pregnancy. The maternal risks during pregnancy include gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. ... Obesity in pregnancy can also affect health later in life for both mother and child. For women, these risks include heart disease and hypertension. Children have a risk of future obesity and heart disease
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Question: hello I m 13weeks pregnant .. yesterday I had understand NT scan.. reports showing single living trauterine fetus in unstable lie..wat does it mean??pls reply
Answer: Hello dear.. Unstable lie doesn't sound very good or reassuring, but actually just means that the baby is changing his or her position, which is what all babies do in the womb. ... But bottom line, unless you're in the last days before your due date, don't worry about what position the baby is in. Healofy wishes you all the very best and happy pregnancy dear
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