31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: fetal heart rate se kya malum prta hai kii coming baby boy or girl hai?baby girl hua too kitna heart rate hoo ta hai😍pls tell me.

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Answer: Nahi heart beat se pata chalta nahi hai baby ka gender dear. Heart beat starting me zyada hota hai aur badme kam hota hai.
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    Monisha Mohapatra Panda1242 days ago


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Question: Baby fetal heart rate is 158 its boy or girl
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy fetal heart rate does not give you if it is a boy or a girl only scan can tell you correctly but it is illegal in India your Joy will be same if it is a boy or a girl as a mother so do not trust any of these take care
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Question: my baby fetal heart rate was 152 boy or girl
Answer: Above heart beats above 140 is considered as girl and below 140 bpm is boy Sometimes this prediction has also gone wrong
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Question: Did fetal heart rate decide baby boy or girl
Answer: Absolutely not.. don't believe all those things...wait for the bundle of surprise.
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