20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ferrous ascorbate & folic acid is medicine Mai folic acid bhi hi na

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Question: Took Ferrous ascorbate and folic acid 100mg double time (mrg nd afternoon) what is the harm ?I'm 26week pregnant
Answer: If it happened accidentally then do not worry. But you need to be careful next time. It will now not cause any harm But you might feel constipated today and tomorrow. Take care. Do not worry. Maintain daily calendar ticks to ensure you have taken supplement single time. Hence avoiding overdose.
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Question: After taking ferrous ascorbate and folic acid tablet in night i feel vomiting and my stools has become black
Answer: Take it in the morning after food it might help also stools becoming black due to iron is normal
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Question: hello mam main ferrous ascorbate & folic acid tablets lai rahi hoon at night with milk kya yeh sahi hai
Answer: iron tablets should not take wit milk as if interfere wit its absorption
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