7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling very sleep

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Answer: Hii Being tired all the time is pretty normal when you're expecting especially during early and late pregnancy, when your hormones are working overtime to make all the changes your body needs. You might also be having trouble sleepingbecause you need to get up to pee during the night, or because heartburn or leg cramps  are keeping you up.To boost your energy, drink lots of water and eat small, healthy meals and snacksthroughout the day. Go for protein and complex carb combos like whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk, a piece of cheese on whole-grain crackers or a couple slices of turkey on whole-wheat bread. And when you feel yourself sinking into a valley, do some stretches and deep-breathing exercises, or go for a brisk walk around the block.take some quick nap if u feels tired. These changes in life style will reduce ur fatigue. All the best. 
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Question: I am feeling heaviness in breathing...lack of sleep...and feeling very weakness...please advise
Answer: Hellooo dear u can start breathing exercise regularly. It is really helpful During day some physical acativties slowly u can do u will get gud sound sleep in the night.start bed time story reading. Read any book b4 go to sleep .make that habit . Now a days I don't hav such problems I made habbit of this.
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Question: feeling extremely sleepy... but, why I can't ... feeling uncomfortable while sleeping full night... wanted to sleep but can't sleep very deeply
Answer:  First , always keep yourself occupied. This helps in not letting your mind wander. You can fully concentrate in your present. Second, Get ample of rest and sleep.Often overtired body and mind can make you anxious and overwhelmed. Third, practice light exercises it's best remedy to keep your mind at peace. Fourth, Eat healthy and stay hydrated. A well fed and rested body responds much better than hungry and tired one. Fifth, Before sleeping have a glass of lukewarm milk it will help you sleep better. Sixth, you can add 2 3 drops of lavender oil on your pillow, it's known for its calming and sleep inducing properties. Seventh, listen to soothing music, you can even try garbhsanskar. Read your favourite book. Don't use mobile as it will overtire you making it more difficult to sleep.
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Question: Feeling very tired and moody... not have comfort sleep....y it happen
Answer: Hi. These all are because of hormonal changes sondont worry dear. Try meditatibg it will help.
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