17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling very minor pain and contractions in vegina..like something is happening in that area.. is it normal?

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Answer: Hi dear you are panicked thats why you feel like this dont worry all these are normal during pregnancy. Dont worry and dont stress yourself .
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Question: hi m feeling little stomach pain and some period like feeling on vegina.. m 10 week pregnant is it normal
Answer: Hi! Abdominal pain is pretty common in pregnancy especially in your first trimester. Due to the stretching and growing of the uterus, ligaments and muscles that support it also stretch causing pain. You can sit down for a while, lie down on the opposite side where you have pain and put your feet up. You can have warm water baths to ease the pain. Don’t worry it will be fine. If you have excessive pain or bleeding please consult your Doctor.
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Question: I am feeling pain in vegina area... I can't even move while sleeping iz it normal
Answer: Hello dear. If you have Vaginal pain that isn't accompanied by other symptoms or bleeding is perfectly normal. This is due to the growing of the fetus. Few remedies are Perform a few pelvic exercises, like pelvis tilts and rolls with the permission of your gynecologist. Try relaxing in a soothing bath with warm water (not hot). Avoid sudden movements if possible. Take care.
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Question: Feeling gas like pain suddenly it's getting normal.. Is it contractions..?
Answer: In contractions, stomach becomes tight, severe pinching pain in lower part of body, thights too. Pain in back bone in waistline. Real contractions repeat n increase in intensity with time
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