28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: feeling very low ...very tired in eight months

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Answer: Its absolutely normal..eat properly..rest...take liquids more..
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Question: I am a 8 month pregnent feeling very tired and giddiness.suddenly my bp very low
Answer: Hello Low blood pressure during pregnancy happens due dilation of blood vessels this can happen as the blood increases up to 30 to 50% This leads to lowering to the pressure. The bp begins to fall in ur first trimester n is at it's it's lowest in the middle of second trimester. This causes dizziness this can lead to anemia. Wear tight socks as compression makes the pressure high. Eat more salt in your diet. Keep urself well hydrated. If ur bp goes down then meet ur doctor for medication.
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Question: Feeling very low n tired.. Wt to do? Wt type of exercise should I do
Answer: Just keep walking. Walking is best execrise ...keep urself hydrated have lots of fresh juices and have warm milk. Don't give gap between meals have some or other things every 2hrs.dont depend on 3 time meal..keep eating every 2hr in small portions. U vl feel better.
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Question: I'm feeling very tired ,low energy what should i do
Answer: Drink juices often. Take some rest. Have food whatever you like. U r tired because of morning sickness. Have iron, folic acid, vitamin supplements.
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