36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling pains in pelvic area and left side too, is this labour or any false pain

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Answer: It's quite normal to have pelvic pain in pregnancy as ur body slowly preparing for birth, it pushes ur pelvis and streches ur muscles for delivery. Nothing to worry about. Use ice pack over the pelvic joints.Take a warm bath.
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Question: Feeling pain and heavy pressure in pelvic area. Is this common in this week or sign of labor. Feeling tensed
Answer: Hello dear, First times, this usually happens by the 36th week. In others it may happen as late as in labour. The baby’s head is now fixed and its movement may seem reduced. Instead of active movement of the whole body, you may just experience the movements of the legs and perhaps the arms. The head which is fixed in the pelvis, may press on the urinary bladder and this may lead to difficulty in urination or increase frequency of urination. You may have noticed an increase in the discharge through your vagina. This is OK as long as it is colourless and sticky. Watery / blood stained or discharge of blood has to be reported to your doctor immediately. Take care...
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Question: I'm feeling pain in abdomen is it false or labour pains
Answer: Hello! Labor is more like period cramps which comes and goes. With each passing minute the pain increases. But during false labor the pain does not increase and stops after some time. If you are experiencing something like this then nothing to worry, keep your doctor informed about both false labor and labor pain. Take care
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Question: I have pain in pelvic area special in left side. Is it normal or not ???
Answer: Hi, that is absolutely normal. It is due to the pressure of the growing baby on the pelvic muscles. There is nothing to worry, by have plenty of water, sleep on sides, go for brisk walk, and do kegel exercise.
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