38 weeks pregnant mother

Feeling less and little movement

Hi,on some days you may feel less movements where as on some other days the movement will be more so don't worry.
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Question: twins pregnancy... feeling very less movement today
Answer: There are various reasons a baby may move less. Babies experience cycles of sleep while they are in the womb, Your baby will not usually move during their sleep periods. Mothers emotional and physical state can influence the amount a baby will move. Dehydration and fasting can also cause the baby to move less, it is important to eat and drink well to ensure the health of the baby. movement is sometimes caused by a leak or rupture in the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby. Now baby is in full growth and has very less space. Baby has difficulties to move in the uterus due to low space. Call your doctor when you do not feel any movements.
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Question: Feeling less movement compared to other days
Answer: drink some lukewarm water and lay down on your left side calmly and start counting even evry small/light movement. if it is at least 10 during 1 hour then your baby is okay. still if you don't feel satisfaction call your doctor.
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Question: from morning i m feeling less movement
Answer: don't worry so much u may feel less movements sometimes bcoz doc. said that sometimes baby may sleep for hours....and if sometime if u r worried about the movements then have something in meal...immediately after meal lie down on bed on ur left side and try to feel the movements.....and if u think something serious then consult ur doc. immediately
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