2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling hungry.is normal in pregnancy???

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Answer: Yes its normal..but split your food as mrng 8 11 1 3 because more chance for rasing blood sugar at this tym consume more fruits in this diet list happy pregnency..
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Question: is getting sex feeling in pregnancy normal
Answer: Hello. It is very unsafe to have sex or masturbate. Due to many harmones ur immunity level will be low. fingering could cause infection in ur vagina or cervix. in ur first or last last trimester of pregnancy as it could cause bleeding cramping and discharge as the vaginal muscle may rupture pls dont engage in sex it might lead to complications and preterm labour due to the muscle being stimulated. Hope I helped
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Question: feeling burning in eyes.is it normal in 13 week pregnancy?
Answer: hello dear Dry eyes are caused by fluctuations of estrogen and androgen that decrease the production of natural tears. Symptoms may include dryness, irritation, burning and a gritty feeling. During pregnancy, changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation can all affect your eyes and your eyesight. Water retention, for instance, may slightly increase the thickness and curvature of your cornea. ... If your vision does change during pregnancy, it will probably be minor and temporary. consult your doctor dear
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Question: Till yesterday i felt hungry so much but today I'm not feeling hungry.is it quite common in pregnancy?? Please any of u answer me because I'm scared does my baby is in good state or not
Answer: Dear pregnancy in all about hormonal changes and it will make you feel different symptoms of different things throughout your pregnancy.. feeling hungry and not hungry is also a part of hormonal changes... so don't get scared baby is completely in good state..
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