9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling hungry all the time and even if i eat anything the hunger feeling in the stomach is not going. Feels totally tired if i dont eat anything each hour. Is there any remedy to avoid frequent hunger

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Answer: It's okay if you feel Hungry. Just have healthy snacks. And short meals.. drink plenty of water and fluids..
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Question: Hi im feeling too tired with out doing any work and feels so hungry..i dont know which food i have to eat...even the food not tasty to eat...i dont know what i have to do...help me
Answer: Dear your situation is exactly mine but it's ok. Don't think pregnancy as a disease. It's a blessing of God and chill relax its natural. Its hormonal changes and feeling weak ,sleepy all the time, if you feel continpusly better check for your hb level , bp etc. If everything is normal nothing to worry. I would say enjoy this period and yes food is tasteless I know but can't help it you have to eat healthy n don't add extra Spices it will make you more sick . So enjoy
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Question: I dont feel hungry at all. My stomach feels full all the time even if i havnt eaten whole day long. Please advise.
Answer: Hi....this feeling of full stomach was my problem too during the first trimester. It is due to bloated stomach. It subsides gradually once you enter the second trimester. Try to eat as much as possible even if you don't feel like it. Incorporate fruits in your diet as they won't make you feel too full.
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Question: My abdomen feels weird all the time.. I know it's bcoz of the growing babies but is there any remedy to avoid that feeling... There is no pain...
Answer: Hi dear,yes this is because the baby is growing which puts pressure on the abdomen and due to stretching if muscles it leads to abdomen discomfort So nothing to worry .you can't avoid to get that feeling dear as it is natrual to happen .
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