2 months old baby

Question: Feb 17 I delivered girl baby...after 3 years I planned to get another baby...but I dono what precautions to use for not get pregnant... pls anyone suggest me some precautions pls...

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Answer: U can have inter course three days before and after periods ,this will avoid pregnancy
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Question: Can anyone suggest good contraceptive method for 3-5 years, after first baby.
Answer: Hi! Congratulations for you and baby I can understand your concern Don't worry there are several methods which help you. Birth control implant is good option. A doctor inserts the implant under the skin of your upper arm. It releases the hormone progestin to stop you from getting pregnant. The hormones in the birth control implant prevent pregnancy in two ways Progestin thickens the mucus on your cervix, which stops sperm from swimming through to your egg. When sperm can’t meet up with an egg, pregnancy can’t happen. Progestin can also stop eggs from leaving your ovaries (called ovulation), so there’s no egg to fertilize. When eggs aren’t released, you can’t get pregnant. Talk to your doctor about this and other options so that you can decide which suits your body the best. Take care.
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Question: i have 2 daughter. Elder one is 5 years old and the other is 3 years old. Now i want another one but not able to get pregant
Answer: Hie there are maximum chances for you to conceive if you have intercourse during ovulation period To calculate ovulation date or period you need to calculate your period cycle length first . Period cycle length is the average no of days between first day of 2 consecutive period Track down your periods date of last 4 months And figure out the average no of days between them . Say you have 30 days between 2 of your periods Then you ovulate on 30÷2 =15 . So your ovulation date would be approx day 15 counting from 1st day of your periods . Have sex on 4 days prior and post ovuation date That would be from day day 12 to 18 To increase your chances to  conceive Have folic acid supplement it helps boost fertility Both the partners should have a healthy diet as it helps on conceiving a healthy baby Both the partners should avoid alcohol or smoking during this periods Limit your caffeine intake  Good luck
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Question: What precautions should I take after c section? My Friend use to suggest me not to use Pillow for my head.. Plz suggest me
Answer: Dear I had a csection and used pillow from day 1. There is no harm in using pillow after csection. Also it has been 1 month for you so you are almost healed by now. I was back to household chores after 40 days and after 10 days I started doing my daughter and my work. So please do not worry the healing part is almost over once you complete 40 days. Hope it helpsm
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