12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: favourite foods

2 Answers
Answer: Juices
Answer: fruits
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Question: amake doctor posto khate mana kareche Keno bolte parbe, Otai amar favourite
Answer: hello dear posto come from opium poppies, there is a some concern regarding opiate levels in poppy seeds and the effect of trace opiates during pregnancy may be dangerous Though only traces of opiates are found in poppy seeds but these seeds have high morphine levels. During collection of poppy seeds, contamination may occur if the seeds get contaminated with the sap of the plant. Consumption of contaminated poppy seeds is very dangerous. For the pregnant women, it is better to be on the safe side by having limited consumption of poppy seeds. Even health professional advice would-be mother to avoid frequent consumption of those food items which are garnished with poppy seeds or need poppy seeds as ingredients. i suggest you to avoid completely if your doctor have suggested not to take that
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Question: Hello dr my baby 15month old from last 10 days he is not eating properly... So what can i do? Plz help me. Even he is not touching his favourite foods.
Answer: May b ur baby has some problem in digestive system... If u can give ghutti to ur baby.. My baby also as same as ur baby i gave ghutti to her in the gap of 15days... Try to give home made ghutti.. Or else if u dont want to give ghutti to ur baby consult to peadiatrition he will check nd give u proper medicine
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Question: What is your favourite movie
Answer: Hi.. Dear it a mom junction where mommies help each other to resolve queries. If you have any concern, please elaborate I will try to help you.
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