35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: മൈ fasting sugar 106 is it harmful for my baby. I am 9 month pregnant

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Answer: Aviod sugar foods and sweets. Have more fibre food. Have bittergourd juice daily twice and also oats. It will stabilize sugar.
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Question: I am on a no sugar diet. My fasting sugar is 89 n PP is 106. Is it high?
Answer: No. Try maintaining the same. The levels are good.
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Question: Hi doctor am 17 week pregnant.. My doctor said i have sugar actually my fasting sugar it shown 106 is it normal or not?
Answer: hi dear! fasting sugar dear should be below 90. for this levels you will need medicines dear. so do consult your doctor dear. as the dosage will be given by your doctor dear. make sure you restrict yourself in having sweet , honey , sugar , and also gud. take care ! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: My fasting sugar level is 106 is it safe
Answer: Hello dear.. It is more then the normal level... Hence you need to have a controlled diet and also consult the doctor and take medicine... Make sure you completely avoid sugar and have meals every two hours.. This will help..
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