25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Fasting glucose tolerance test Result is 89.After 1 hour 187.After 2 hour 129.what it means?

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Answer: Hello dear, During pregnancy a normal sugar level should be, In fasting less than 95 mg/dL,  1 hour after eating less than 140 mg/dL,  and 2 hour after eating less than 120 mg/dL . You have diabetes, consult your doctor and start medications. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Today I have gone through gct test. Fasting sugar is 119 After 2 hour of taking 75gm glucose is 209. Is it fine Or am I diabetic.?
Answer: Dear fasting sugar is supposed to be below hundred and after food is supposed to be below 140 so this is really high... Dear don't take any amount of sugar, citrus fruits are good for you ...dates boiled in milk is good, khas khas, nuts are also good for you. Eat green leafy vegetables. Brown rice instead of white. Mix besan in atta for roti dough. . Avoid red beans, maa ki dal, potatoes , maize. Citrus fruits are good for you. Go for walks and take your medicines regularly. That what I did.
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Question: What if sugar level is high after 1 hour glucose intake test ...
Answer: Please consult dr. Endocrinologist/ diabetologist. Based on the glucose level dr.. based on your readings dr. Will prescribe you medicine. Please don't ignore. It is a critical thing.
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Question: In my ogtt test ( glucose tolerance test) result is 111 mg/ dl. Is it normal???? I am 20 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Hey if it is post prandial then it is absolutely fine...mine was around 123 ..it should be below 140 ..
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