23 months old baby

Question: Fair skin for baby

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Answer: Hi dear, Baby complexion is decided purely by genes.color of baby keeps changing till one and half year .post that baby gets its original color.theres nothing much that you could do here,as all of it is genetic.and baby is too small to use any home remedies to brighten the color.remember there is no way that you could make your baby fairer.mild skin products are encouraged,no harsh soaps or creams to be used.i used Atogla body lotion and cream,and tedibar soap.all the products are wonderful.la k of chemicals and mild for baby sensitive skin..
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Question: baby whitening for fair skin
Answer: Hi Mommy, i would like to suggestion is not to worry about your baby color its the health which should matter for you, if baby is healthy then nothing like it. Baby will give same complexion as per the genetics
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Question: for fair skin of baby
Answer: Hello dear. The complexion of the foetus which is growing inside your womb will be a mixture of the genes from the father and mother. All the best.
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Question: What to do for baby fair skin
Answer: Hello dear It is normal for newborn baby to change his color liitle bit. Newborn often look fair at birth but that was not their actual color. It can took upto 6 months and sometimes babies can change their color upto 1 yr too. The skin color depends on the genes and biological parents and if parents are not fair it is not possible for the baby to be fair. Soaps, creams, foods cannot make babies fair but they are extremely harmful for their skin. So please focus on the baby's health and not skin color.
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Question: Home remedies for baby ' fair skin....
Answer: Hi All the outdoor playtime take on your baby's soft and delicate skin and often cause a tan Following are a few tips to help you with your baby skin Apply mixture of milk ,malai and turmeric let it dry and wipe with it with a soft wet cloth then put your baby to bath don't use any soap just plain water Apply a mixture of curd ,tomato and oatmeal This natural mixture enhances your baby's complexion Massage your Babys skin with coconut oil it proves skin texture but also strengthen your kids muscles and bones Include vegetables and fruits in your babies diet the would help your babies skin to glow with all the antioxidants and nutrients in it Apply a mixture of turmeric and beetroot juice It would improve skin complexion Ensure your babies skin is well hydrated and watch his liquid intake
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