24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Facing constipation problem..any home remedy?Today I gave little pressure due to constipation,now worried will there b any problem?

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Answer: I also face the same.it is normal is because of consuming iron tables
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Question: I am facing constipation problem now i am 9 week pregnant working woman. Doctor please suggest me any home remedy or exercises to clear motion in morning
Answer: Hello dear. Please start taking a walk for atleast 30 min daily as that will help in getting rid of constipation and gas. Dear below are some of my own tried and tested tips for gas during my pregnancy - : 1.) Try smaller, more frequent meals 2.) Exercise 3.) Drink plenty of water 4.) Watch what food you eat 5.) Avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and fatty fried foods. 6.) Under situations of severe gas, a small piece of jaggery will help relieve it. Based on my personal experience as nothing worked for me in 8th month and this remedy helped. 7.) Having green leafy veges and fruits. 8.) Fiber intake should be increased more of salads with lunch and dinner will help. Morning breakfast you can have with oats to help in constipation. Hope this helps
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Question: I'm 12week pregnant . due to constipation today i give some pressure in latrine. Will there be any problem ?
Answer: Don't pressurise! Constipation during pregnancy is mainly because of hormonal changes. Pregnancy is often accompanied by an increase in the progesterone hormone that causes the relaxation of all the muscles in ur body including intestinal muscles. Slow digestion can also lead to constipation. Try few home remedies to treat constipation like like have warm lemon water, u can have oranges 1 or 3 daily as they are a rich source of vitamin C and beneficial in pregnancy, then u can try prune juice or flaxseed. Drink ample amount if water while including flaxseed in ur diet. Kiwi fruit also u can try as it's high in water and fiber. Just keep urself well hydrated.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant and right now facing constipation problem badly? Plz suggest me some home remedy
Answer: It is very common to experience constipation during pregnancy For this to cure you need to take extra care about your diet First of all you should start taking a high fibre diet, incorporate more of fruits, green leafy vegetables and salads in diet.. Drink plenty of water. Avoid coffee, tea, soda You should always take walk after meals and avoid sitting for longer duration, keep changing the position You can take stool softener like duphalac syp or smuth syrup if no improvements consult physician
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