29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Eyebrow threading safe during third trimester?

5 Answers
Answer: Hello! Threading is considered to be the safest mode of hair removal. Don't worry it is absolutely safe and there is nothing to be worried about. Take care
Answer: Abhi to bilkul mat karao
Answer: Yes.
Answer: Yes
Answer: No
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Question: Can I do eyebrow threading during third trimester
Answer: Yes you can do eyebrow threading no issues if you are doing this regularly
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Question: It is safe to take threading eyebrow during second trimester
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have. There is no such issue. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and not a sickness. U should njoy every bit of it.
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Question: Is threading eyebrows safe during third trimester of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is safe you can have threading in third trimester.
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Question: Is it safe eyebrow threading during pregnancy?
Answer: If u feel pain then stop doing it... Keep away from the cosmetics that odour make discomfort for the baby
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