22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: everything is ok in this scanning

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Answer: congratulations dear..eat healthy food n take proper rest.
Answer: how to apload scanning report here??
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Question: 3rd month wife had little bleeding only one time. After that in scanning result everything is ok. Baby hear they mention mild problem. Now it's 4th month is it ok for train journey in this condition
Answer: It's better to avoid any kind of journey till 6th month.
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Question: This is my 6th month everything is ok but today i had nosebleeding 2time.Is it ok in this condition.what should i eat for this
Answer: Yes dear if the bleeding is slight den it's normal no need to worry just try to avoid eat those things which are very hot in nature .u should take chach ,lassi etc
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Question: Browny discharge seen in this mornig....am so worried..is everything ok?
Answer: Hi dear if u r pregnant and in first Trimester then it is common. brown  Discharge is basically old blood that has accumilated during implantation that comes out along with the white discharge.Thats why its brownish in colour Bcoz it is old blood fresh blood is always red or bright red in colour. So I don't think it is anything to worry till the time it is coming in normal flow . All the best. 
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Question: I got yellow liquid like a medicine in my vomit this morning. Is everything ok?
Answer: Hello Dear, The bitter yellow liquid you’re vomiting is your stomach juices. You’ll most often see it first thing in the morning, before you’ve eaten, or if you’ve been vomiting repeatedly. This liquid in your stomach contains enzymes and other things to help digest your food. But when you vomit and have no food in your stomach, you can bring up some of it. It makes your vomit a yellow or greenish-yellow colour. It may also be frothy or phlegmy. During pregnancy, vomiting can be a normal symptom of morning sickness or reflux. Nausea is often worst in your first trimester and mostly eases by 20 weeks, though for some women it never really goes until their babies are born. If you vomit stomach liquids when you first get up in the morning, it may help to try to eat something plain and light before you get out of bed. Try some water crackers, plain almonds or cashews, or even a little apple or banana, if you don't mind the smell.
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