2 months old baby

Question: Hiii everyone... My son is 54 days old... He hs gas all the time... I am trying to take every possible step to prevent gas in my baby but he pushes hard to pood after feed.... Please suggest what can be done and till when the gas problem lasts in babies?

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Answer: Hi dear, my son is also facing the same problem. I consult the doctor. He advised me to stop using bottle and do BF as much as u can. If you are not well or any other reason you can give Formula milk with spoon not with bottle. Gas trouble lasts for 5 months in babies. Also start giving coliza drops. It will surely effect. Hope this will help you.
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    Monika Walecha704 days ago

    Hi isha... Thanks for the reply... But i am doing breastfeeding only..

Answer: Do massages daily. And you drink hot water mixture of asafoetida powder if u had any gaseous item food..... Gas release is a god thing for everyone... Give warm water(fully boiled water) for your baby 2tsp....
Answer: Do oil massage on stomach,and burp after feed.
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    Monika Walecha704 days ago

    I m already doing that but still no relief

Answer: I too have sane problem please ans me
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Question: 24 days old baby.. crying all night, asks to feed me every hour, each feed lasts for an hour. Still not sleeping in the night. Is that normal.? Is there some other way to stop her crying.?
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