14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Every night I am having restless legs and can't sleep peacefully. I am using a pillow below my foots however it is not very helpful. please can you suggest some other remedies.

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Answer: Hello Lying down can cause dizziness as the pressure of ur belly can compress a major blood vessel cutting of the blood supply leaving u feeling pukish and dizzy. Lying on ur right is not bad it can just worsen the heart burns. The best way to sleep during ur pregnancy is on ur left. Sleeping in dis position supplies ur uterus with more blood. N ur baby gets a good blood supply. Also the baby gets good blood supply. The liver is positioned slightly on ur right so whn u sleep on ur left u have more room for the baby this means u ll feel baby movements better. Due to the extra space available ur organs relax a bit so u will feel a little better wr ur hurt burns r concerned. Hope I helped
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    Piyali Dey895 days ago

    I am not having dizziness, its restless legs having cramps in both leg.

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Question: I have completed 4 months and I'm having a very tough pain in legs at night... I can't sleep properly.. so plz give some solution for it..
Answer: Hello Fatigue or tiredness from carrying excess pregnancy weight Your expanding uterus puts a pressure on the veins that transfer blood from your feet to your heart A hormone called progesterone affects the muscles of your legs. This hormone is believed to be responsible for leg cramps during pregnancy ually happens during the second and third trimesters. Leg cramps take place due to decreased circulation due to weight gain and hormonal changes, dehydration and the pressure exerted by fetus on nerves and blood vessels. Follow these simple strategies to curb the pain: Focus on stretches for your calves and feet. Make sure to stretch before bed and also do some warm up stretching exercises before and after exercises. You can try doing a seated calf stretch. For this you need two chairs and a scarf. Sit down on one chair and put the foot on the second chair. Tie the scarf on the ball of your foot and pull the scarf towards you. You should feel the stretch of muscles of your calf and foot. Stay in the position for 30 seconds and switch legs to repeat the exercise. You can try the standing calf stretch to relieve leg cramps during pregnancy. For this exercise you need to wear well-fitting shoes and stand on a flat surface. Maintain 2-3 feet distance from the wall. Lift the arms and place it on the wall. Slowly lean forward and feel the stretch in your calf muscles. To complete the stretch, move your hands back up the wall till you are standing straight. Sip water in between exercises if the climate is hot to avoid overheating and fatigue. You can try prenatal yoga and take rests between exercises. Light exercises like walking and aqua aerobics can help to improve circulation and reduce the chances of leg cramps. Change your positions frequently. Avoid standing and sitting for long periods of time. If you have a desk job take frequent breaks to work and stretch. Take breaks to sit and elevate your legs if you have to stand throughout the day. Take a prenatal massage since it helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling. Medical support or compression stockings can help to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation in the legs and ankles thus preventing leg cramps. Straighten your leg through your heel and wiggle your toes to help alleviate pain during cramps. Use a rice sock or a hot water bottle to apply heat in the affected area to reduce pain and swelling.
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Question: I have a very bad headache every other day..please suggest some remedies
Answer: Hello dear.. headache in pregnancy is quite common,it is due to increase of harmone and volume of blood,it can also occurs due to dehydration, sleep,stress ,lack of nutrition, follow these stepsto overcome head ache.. Have a nutritious diet,which contains all nutrients needed for baby's development Have 5-6small meals,it will help you from starving Sleep as well as possible, poor sleep will also lead to head ache Keep your mind relaxed,hear good songs Keep yourself engaged with any activity,so that you won't go to mood swings Practice breathing techniques,will be greater benefit for reducing headache
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Question: i hv severe pain in my legs.i can't sleep at night due to leg pain. please suggest me some remedies.
Answer: Hello dear.. Aches and pain are common during pregnancy,it can also due to muscle cramps,it can also occur due to weakness,and if the growing uterus pushes sarcastic nerves,leg pain may occur.. To avoid leg pain,have a nutrious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,don't stand for long duration,make yourself hydrated,apply any pain relying ointment and bath with warm water,this may help a lot,try maternity yoga possess instructed by an instructor,will remove all your aches happens during pregnancy,if symptom presit for long period it is better to consult a doctor
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