38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Every 15 minutes i have little pain in lower part of stomach bt no viginal decharge is sign of labour or not

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Answer: Consult the doctor 😊
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Question: Recently i feel pain in my lower part but not in waist....is it sign of labour pain
Answer: H dear lower back pain can be a symptom of liver there are many other also associated with it like;there are few signs of labor; Continuous back pain.Dilated cervix.More cramps, Joints feel looser, Vaginal discharge Tiredness etc. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have back pain from night but no stomach pain is this sign of labour pain
Answer: Yes it can be a sign of labor because it started for me in the same way
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Question: Hi after every 15 minutes m getting period lk cramp in back for 10 second, bt no stomatch pain. Is it sign of labor?
Answer: I think so.Is there any discharge came out from vagina (mixed with blood & mucus)? . The Labour pain is similar to the pain during periods due to contraction of uterus. You won't get any stomach pain. When the time goes, the gap between contraction decreases. If it is your first pregnancy it takes more than 8hrs for labour. So, for a safer side it is better to admit in your hospital.. Be relax.. All the best..
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