33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Every after meal can I take banana?

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Answer: tke nly at the nyt time... and day time hv lots mixed fruits randomly...
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Question: can i eat saunf after every meal
Answer: Hii some of the people says that Having fennel seeds, can trigger menstrual flow, which is a potential threat to your pregnancy and could lead to miscarriage. but there is no medically proven fact. So better to switch to healthier safe alternatives include lemon, orange, ginger, cinnamon and the like. Add them to hot water and let them steep, before sipping them warm.
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Question: Can i take hajmola after meal.
Answer: Those r not much gud prefer home made. Have betel leaf n nuts ajwan sompu... Banana
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Question: Vomit after every meal
Answer: Hi dear, may be ur lil one is not comfortable with the amount of intake. Try reducing the quantity to half way ur serving and see the results . Do not give more than 5 or 6 spoons in any meal. Let c if this works.
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Question: Continuous vomiting after every meal
Answer: Seems baby has developed indigestion. It happens when baby eats or put anything contaminates In his mouth. Boil a spoonful of ajwain in a glass of water. Strain and cool this water... Feed to your baby at every one hour...he ll be relieved in a day or so... Meanwhile only give curd, moong daal khichadi or banana to your baby. Hope your little one gets well soon.
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