5 months old baby

Question: Even if i give mothers milk in 2 hr gap after formula milk,my 5 month old baby vomiting..what is the reason? What is the remedy?i am a working woman.so very worrying.

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Answer: Hello, after feeding put baby on the shoulder and tap gently on his back till u get a burp.this Reduced vomiting
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Question: How much milk a 2 month old baby should consume? Baby becomes hungry after ebery 1 or 2 hr I am worrying if baby is not geyying enough milk. Diapering is 7 to 8.
Answer: It's absolutely normal and you should feed baby whenever he wants doctors also advised to feed baby every 2 hrs it means baby digest the milk and not to worry about it.
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Question: My 5 month old baby vomiting when everyday he drink mothers milk after formula milk,even its in 2 hour gap.why? Whats the remedy,since i am a working woman?
Answer: Its not a gap of 2 hrs. Have to see the babies digestion after only should give & don't give milk n bottle use spoons
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Question: my 2 months old baby passing watery stool 4 to 5 within a day. i am giving formula milk once a day what is the reason for that?
Answer: Ensure the mixer which u are using is very hygiene and surroundings are very neat and clean
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