3 months old baby

Question: Even after cutting nails ... My babies nails are sharp and they are scratching their face . How to deal this ?

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Answer: Hello dear U can put mittens on ur baby's hands if u see that ur baby is scratching his face. As ur baby is small he dont know what he is doing and thus hurting himself. Better u put mittens on ur baby's hands.
Answer: Hi. You can make your baby wear mittens. It would help baby from sctratching and thumb sucking also.
Answer: Use gloves....or file ur babys nails with filer after cutting
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Question: My baby is scratching her head alot because of cradle scalp how to deal with it
Answer: Hello dear Cradle cap is a greasy, yellowish, scaly rash that commonly affects infants in the first few weeks of life. It is normal and common among all the babies. It is mainly caused by the hormones which is passed from mother to babies before birth. These hormones can cause too much production of oil result in cradle cap. Another reason can be due to fungus infection. Yes, hairs will come normally which has fallen due to cradle cap. Shampooing your baby's hair every few days can help prevent cradle cap.
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Question: My kid is one year 3 months old and is very resistant to cutting nails. How to get her cut the nails
Answer: Hi dear do it wen ur baby is deep into sleep. Infants are fussy on dis. Or may be u can distract ur baby n dan cut one by one.
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Question: after how many days babies are able to move their neck
Answer:  my baby 56 days she can move her neck left and right side since 1 week
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