35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Estimated fetal weight according to BPD, HC,AC,FL:-2069+/- 206.9 gms what this means in USG scan report

Answer: The 2069 gms is the weight of the baby at week 35. Ie 2 kg 69 gms. However these machines are not that accurate. Hence a buffer of 10% is taken into account. Ie the weight of the baby is 2k 69 gms. Either + 206 gms or - 206 gms Hope this helps.
Answer: It's nothing but ur baby's weight dear. Ur baby is 2069 grams plus or minus 206.9 grams dear
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Question: What s meant by Estimated fetal weight according to BPD,HC,AC,FL:-2768+/-276.8 gms
Answer: It's means baby weight is 2kg 768grams and placenta weight is 276.8gms
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Question: Fetal weight according to BPD, AC:2467+/-246.7 FL, AC:2690+/-269 BPD, HC, AC, FL :2614+/-261.4gms what is the my fetal weight? Is there any problem. How to increase in few days
Answer: Hello, May be your foetal weight is around 2.6something and the ideal weight at this stage of pregnancy should be 3.08kg.Hello Dear Mom, your baby seems to be bit underweight, you can increase the weight by making additional changes to your diet u should increase more nutritious foods in ur diet...eat arhaer Dal and moong Dal give shahi jeera tadka its helps to increase ur milk and helps to make ur milk more nutritious u should give oil massages, for the increment in your baby's weight well dear mom not worry at all your baby's weight is just fine. do not worry too much about weight gain. give your baby time to grow continue breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months do not give anything else breastfeed at least 8-10 times per day and at least 5-6 times at night. if you are breastfeeding your baby well, there will be proper weight gain. Good luck
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Question: My estimation fetal weight according to BPD, AC:1355+/-135.5 FL, AC:1305+130.5 BPD, HC, AC, FL:1297+/-129.7 which means mem... Is it shows my baby's weight???
Answer: Ok 1kg nd 300gram is it good or bad? It's very low weight....?
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