6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ekhane karor konodin false pregnancy test hoeche home test e?

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Answer: Dear, tumi jodi test ta missed period er agey ir immediately niye thako to negative aste pare... Wrong result show kore early test korle. Kam kore 7-10 days wait korbe Missed period por then take pregnancy test. I hope you will get confirm result. Ek pir ekta beta hcg blood test koriye nio for full confirmation. Hope it helps.
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    Parna Goswami11 days ago

    Na ami period miss houar 6 din por korechi..

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Question: What does a very faint line in home pregnancy test meant?
Answer: Hey dear it means you are in early stage of pregnancy... please check again after a week or 2 week... If it theeker & darker then earliest then your pregnancy is in progress 😊🤗♥️.
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant. When should i take first ultrasound? I took urine test in home & it gives positive result.is Home pregnancy test by test kit 100% accurate? Should I take blood test for accurate result????
Answer: Hello..if u got positive result of urine pregnancy test, you should consult ur gynec. Doc will check accordingly and go for the blood test only if doc' prescribed for it.
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Question: Any simple pregnancy test at home not a kit anything else just for mine
Answer: Dear there is no such home pregnancy test that can give you a confirm result whether you are pregnant or not. Most of the time it can show negative result even being pregnant. even if you already missed period for more than 10 days then take a clean glass container and collect a first urine sample of the day. now add 1 teaspoon of salt in each and mix it well with for 10 minutes if you are not pregnant then salt will dissolve but if you are pregnant then chances are high that it will form a turbid solution. But I am saying this test are not 100% reliable.
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