38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lmp edd is correct or scan edd is correct ?

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Answer: Hello! Lmp eed should be considered. The ultrasound eed keeps on changing due to the growth of the baby. Hence, you should not cinbs that. Only the Lmp eed should be considered.
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Question: Which edd is correct lmp or scan date?
Answer: Hello dear, if the date of delivery given im an ultrasound differs from your edd calculated ok the basis of LMP date by seven days or more, consider the date given in the ultrasound...
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Question: Ultrasound EDD is correct or LMP EDD?
Answer: Two dates are not perfect but we can consider ultrasound edd.its near delivery date . maybe one week difference.
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Question: What is correct Edd- lmp date r scan report date
Answer: Edd is always an approximation. You can consider either of them
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Question: Which edd is correct? Usg or lmp
Answer: Both. But don't depend on these dates for delivery. After head fixes to cervix. It takes two days max to come out.
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