2 months old baby

Question: eating rice aftr csec can make u fat

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Answer: Hello! Eating rice doesn't make you fat if you have in moderation. Anything taken in moderation is absolutely fine.
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Question: Can i eat coconut rice after csec while breast feeding
Answer: Yes dear. Coconut has good fat and helps to restore your health as well as improves bm production. Nutrition is very important while breastfeeding because whatever you eat is what your baby will get. Eat all seasonal fruits and vegetables, all the traditionally cooked home food... Just avoid very oily and spicy food.
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Question: My baby is not eating plain rice how to make dal rice can any one sugest me n how ro make my baby is 18mnth old
Answer: Take toor Dall,rice and some dry fruits ,rice half ,toor Dall 1/4 and Dru fruits ur wish and fry these three in ghee in low flame and increase these quantity as I said an example and take it to mill as they will make fine powder and cook this powder in water and after that seasoned third one with hot ghee with fried Curry leaves and some seasoned items
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Question: Hi. My baby is not eating rice. How should I make him to eat rice
Answer: Hello dear It might be due to various reasons: 1. Does not like the taste of food he eat 2. They don't like the texture of food But if ur baby is having proper milk and is active enough then u don't have to worry. Just try to engage ur baby in something and then try to feed him. This is the trick i usually try and in this way something goes to baby stomach.
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Question: Plz tell how can i burn fat aftr delivery
Answer: After delivery, you need 6 months rest for body to heal. Now that you have took rest for 6 months, you can ask your gynecologist on the exercises that you can do to decrease weight. Doing regular exercise will allow you to lose fat after delivery
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