1 months old baby

Question: Eating red chilli is safe after c section

Answer: ideally post delivery, if u r feeding the baby then u should keep yr diet very simple so that it doesn't harm yr baby. Red chilli may be fine for u but is not good for a new born baby so better avoid till u continue to breast feed. Similarly foods which cause cold or are heavy to digest should not be taken. I hope this helps.
Answer: If ur breast feeding then it's not good for baby
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Question: Can i eat chilli after c section
Answer: It's advisable to avoid green chillies as it might cause gas problem for the little one. Instead u can have red chillies r dried chillies
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Question: Is eating chilli green safe in pregnancy...???
Answer: I don't know.. But I also eat 10-12 green chillies in whole day..
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Question: Bra wearing after c section is safe
Answer: Hi dear, Yes u should actually wear bra because boobs tend to sag when ur feeding. Wearing a maternity bra helps support the breasts to prevent back pain and even reduces stretch marks. Because your breasts are the heaviest when you are pregnant and nursing, it is especially important to wear a bra that fits.
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