17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Eating outside chicken or broiler chicken is good during pregnancy?

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Answer: No ...don't eat outside foods....
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Question: Can i ear broiler chicken during pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear, u can eat chicken in pregnancy but remember it should be fresh and well cooked before eating to avoid any bacteria. Do not eat any cold pre cooked chicken as it can contain bacteria. Eating chicken is safe but have it in moderate amount
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Question: Is eating chicken during pregnancy good?
Answer: Hii definitely.it is a good source of protein for pregnant ladies. U can surely have it.
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Question: Hi, which type egg is best during pregnancy ? Broiler egg or country egg? Eating broiler egg affect unborn baby growth or any defects??
Answer: Hi, eggs are good for pregnancy. However , ensure to cook thoroughly before u eat. Organic egg is preferred over broiler. However there is no harm is consuming both, as long as they are heslthy snd fully cooked.
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Question: In pregnancy time eating the chicken is good or not
Answer: Hi. Yes dear you can sure have chicken during pregnancy . But It is important that the chicken consumed by pregnant women is well-cooked. Raw, uncooked chicken should be avoided as it can be contaminated by a bacteria called Listeria.  Chicken is a highly nutritious food which packs proteins along with nine essential amino acids, both of which are building blocks of the muscle. Chicken has low-fat content and does not cause obesity making it a rich source of necessary nutrients for a pregnant woman.
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