3 months old baby

Question: Eating ghee can reduce joint pain after normal delivery

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Answer: Zessss desi ghee is really effective. Also eat panjiri
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Question: Joint pain in legs is normal normal delivery, after a month
Answer: Your body is under went many changes during pregnancy and all your strength.you need to have a proper rest and consult doctor for calcium tablets. Most of the joint pains cause of calcium deficiency. Eat healthy food dear.calcium iron rich food. Curd milk butter ghee broccoli spinach bananas good for bone pain. After some months you can try fish if you are a non vegetarian. Drink lots of water dear.
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Question: how to cure joint pain after normal delivery..
Answer: Dear I had joint pain after my cesarian and doctor said it is due to calcium deficiency. And hence I had to take calcium supplements and injection till 1 yr to get rid of that joint pain. Please talk to ur doctor and if so then start taking calcium supplements. Also increase ur calcium intake in diet. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to reduce back pain after normal delivery??
Answer: Dear best solution for back pain after delivery is to get a proper back massage regularly and do some hot compress. Also make sure to keep a straight posture always that will automatically reduce the pain.
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