9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Eating chicken is harmful during pregnency..??

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Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy chicken is not harmful at all. . Chicken is a good source of protein. Prefer taking less spicy and less oily onces . Best option is the chicken sandwich or soups. As I our Indian version ,chicken curry get extremely oily and spicy which resuce it's health benefits.
Answer: Hi dear, no chicken not at all harmfull in pregnancy even chicken should be part of your regular diet. A protein rich diet will help baby to grow well
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Question: eating prawn nd crab is any harmful during pregnency??
Answer: crab is more heat producing than prawns. you can eat it in small quantities. but try to avoid as far as a possible
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Question: Is eating grapes during pregnency is harmful , if not what is the amount to be taken during pregnency
Answer: It is not harmful dear... But take it in a small quantity like 8-10 grapes in one tym... And avoid black grapes.
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Question: Im 7 week pregnant.. eating chicken is harmful for baby??
Answer: Hello dear...No dear,you can have chicken,they are good source of protein,but make sure that it has been cooked well,it is advisable to avoid par boiled meat during pregnancy,and avoid chicken during dinner it may cause indigestion,one secret tip is to drink cumin water after eating will makes digestion easier.. ‌
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