28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Eating black grapes are safe in pregancy in third trimester

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 28 weeks pregnant Black raisens or black grapes r safe during pregnsncy .raisins provide a rich source of fibre. They are extremely easy to digest and help control your digestive tract at all times. Fibre is an essential aspect of any diet but it becomes twice as important when you are pregnant. ... Hormonal imbalances cause numerous digestive issues, and raisins help regulate these.
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Question: black grapes safe hai kya pregancy me
Answer: I have heard that we should not eat... it is best not to eat... why to take risk? during my pregnancy i had heard that it may cause some hormonal imbalance during pregnancy..
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Question: Is grapes safe during third trimester
Answer: Hi dear, Though grapes are highly nutritious for the mother to be,but it is also believed that a chemical resveratrol, could increase the toxicity in body which could harm the baby.grapes contains high level of magnesium,folate and fructose and are very essential for the baby.i would suggest you to eat in moderation and wash it thoroughly before consuming.
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Question: Is eating grapes during second and third trimester safe? Pls rly
Answer: Hi,yes you can have but first make sure you don't have gestational diabetes.also it is better to have in moderation.
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